Corporate Wellness

With the move to overall employee wellness in South Africa, Colour Psychology Stress Management Consultations at your next wellness day is a must-have. The psychology of colour focuses on the person’s physical, emotional and mental well-being, empowering and inspiring them. The individual consultations take approximately fifteen minutes per session. We assist in identifying key stress triggers and give individuals stress management programs, with practical tools, to balance all areas of their lives and keep stress levels to a minimum.

Corporate Brand Analysis

The first connection you have with prospective clients is through your logo and colour scheme. To ensure your business is making the best impression, we offer a brand analysis service. The Corporate Brand includes your logo, tagline and colour palette. The analysis includes the effectiveness of the correlation between your business offering and its colour scheme, typography, graphics and wording.

Office Décor Consulting

The colour scheme of your brand is often carried through into your office's decor and can have an effect on your employees. We offer an office décor consulting service to ensure your office colour scheme stimulates productivity and well-being.

Corporate Values Campaigns

We work together with your Human Capital and Marketing departments to build and implement an effective strategy using Colour Psychology to enhance your Corporate Values, Vision and Mission. This campaign boosts staff morale, increases internal and external customer satisfaction and creates better awareness of your Company's overall business strategy and goals.

Need a colour shake up in your business?