What we offer

With colour psychology as our foundation, we have developed a select range of services to empower people both personally and professionally.

See below for our colourful solutions that deal with everything from life's challenges to improving your Corporate image.

Corporate Wellness

For the past 10 years, Colour Me Happy has played an integral part in de-stressing and empowering our Corporate clients. Colour is an accessible tool with many practical applications. It can be used to promote just about any concept and is effective in combating stress. From employee wellness to brand awareness, we have a service offering to meet your needs.

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Corporate Brand Analysis

Your Company logo and colour scheme gives a visual message to prospective clients. Our Corporate Brand Analysis service helps you to discover whether you are conveying the right message to your target market.

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Office Décor Consulting

The colours you choose for your office environment has an effect on your employees' emotional and mental states, which can either hinder or stimulate productivity. Your internal colour scheme may be affecting the success of your business.

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Corporate Values Campaigns

This is an innovative and exciting new way in which to connect with your employees and ensure that they understand and strive towards upholding your Company's Values and Mission Statement.

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Personal Services

Take some personal time to replenish, revitalise or transform yourself with our Colour Life Coaching, Usui Reiki, Huana Crystal Signatures or Colour Therapy sessions. Whether young or old, we all need a little “me time”.

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We offer a range of mini workshops to make this the most de-stressed and positive year for you. The workshops are designed for those who are interested in holistic therapies for self-healing and personal empowerment. Expand your awareness and promote balance between body, mind and soul.

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Need a colour shake up in your business or your life?