• By Traci Dragt
  • In Colour
  • Posted October 17, 2016

de-clutter to de-stress

Get Organised And Live. De-cluttering your physical space opens up more space for new things. It also helps to open the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of ourselves to new opportunities. Start small. Don’t attempt to try and de-clutter the whole house and the garage in one weekend. This will leave you de-motivated. Start with one small area and gradually work your way around the house. We all have that one drawer or shelf that has everything in it or on it. That’s a good place to start. Working at one small space at a time will keep you motivated and give you a sense of achievement when it’s done. It will take time to get to the whole house, but working consistently, even if just once a week, will leave you feeling less bogged down by all the clutter. Evaluate what you need and be honest. There are a bunch of reasons why we hang onto things. If you are holding on to anything for reasons on the list below, you need to determine whether or not you actually need it. If you really aren’t going to use it or wear it, throw it out.

Top 10 reasons for not throwing something out:
1. I might need it someday
2. It was a present for my tenth birthday
3. Someone might want to buy this
4. I’m sure I’ll find a matching one someday
5. It can be fixed
6. If I just lose a bit of weight I can fit into this
7. It will be a collector’s item one day
8. My children will want to give this to their children
9. I plan on reading this
10. It will come back into fashion

Some ideas on what you can do with items you have that you no longer need are:
1. Take household items to a cash swop shop
2. Have a jumble sale with your old clothes or donate them to charity
3. Take books to a second hand book shop
4. There are plenty of homes and shelters that take in all types of unwanted goods; look up one in your area

Happy de-cluttering!